Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Whole Lotta Something

I have several friends with blogs. I keep seeing their blogs changing, and I feel a little left behind. Really. Cool layouts, tabs...when did I get left in the dark ages? So, if the layout of this blog changes, as I hope it does, you'll know that I am desperately trying to keep up with the Joneses.

We took a trip to Lurgan Greenhouse today. Delton has been there many times, but I have never been. We decided to make our garden list and head there for a fun family outing. We pulled out of our driveway at 9:02 a.m., which was just 2 minutes past our goal time. Awesome. The greenhouse was about 45 minutes away, so we should arrive around... 10:35am. Oh my. What went wrong?

Well, Delton and I enjoy traveling together. We enjoying having time just to talk, and talk, and talk...As we drove up I81, I was about to comment to Delton that I didn't realize that his sales territory took him so far north, when Delton slapped his forehead and threw his ballcap. "What am I doing?" he shouted. You see, we were supposed to have gotten off at exit 20. Yep. We overshot our exit by 24 miles. Yikes.

So, with a lot of laughter, we got ourselves turned around, and made it to Lurgan Greenhouse a little later than we planned. We had a great time, and still managed to get home and accomplish all we wanted to. A good time, even with the unplanned detour!
Ezra was given a Leap-Max (sort of an educational pre-school gameboy) a few weeks ago. He loves drawing on the screen with an "app" called Color Corral. A few days ago, I was playing with the boys, helping them set up their train track. Ezra had asked for my help.
Okay, Ezra, here I am. Let's start building your train track.
Ezra sat down, and grabbed his Leap-Max.
Ezra! We are building a train track right now.
Yeah, mom. I know.
It took a bit, but I finally realized that Ezra was drawing the train track layout on the Leap-Max, planning out where the roundhouse would go and planning what the track layout should be before we started "for real". I stopped talking and let him finish, a bit humbled. Who is this child that is growing up faster than I can keep up?

Are you ever pulled back to childhood, to a memory of your mom, as you take care of your home? I have to smile each time I vaccum and remember mom telling me...Never vaccum with the lights off. I usually remember this when I find myself vaccuming in a dark room. Sorry, mom.
In my house growing up, the last task that was done before company came, was the lighting of candles. Can I light them now, mom? Not yet. Now? Just wait. Now?'s time. And the candles were lit, the house was clean, the meal was ready, and our company came. My boys are too young to help in the lighting of the candles, too young, perhaps, even to enjoy their ambiance, but I enjoy the glow, and it makes me feel a bit more prepared, a bit more grown up, a bit more like my mom as I wait for company, house clean, meal ready, candles glowing.

God seems so close when I read this hunger to know Him seems renewed...and the longing in me seems intensified, and somehow also satisfied...

Have you longed for a place where you come as you are and are welcomed every time? There is such a place. Welcome to the mane of the Lion of Judah, where all God's children can bury their faces when they are sad, celebrate when they are glad, rest when they are tired, and find fresh vision and purpose when they are ready to live again. ~Sheila Walsh Outrageous Love

Thanks for walking along on this journey with me.


Jolinda said...

Remember when we went to Nemacolin and I drove a long ways east instead of west on I-70? Probably had something to do with us chatting too ;)
Living in the house that I grew up in, I am often pulled into memories of childhood and my mother....especially when bathing my kids or washing dishes at the kitchen sink. I love it. It also reminds me how much I took my mom for granted as a kid and all she did for our family.
Take care,

Ruth Showalter said...

Wow two posts so close together! Thank you so much! Your posts are like gifts to me so I want you to know I really enjoy them!
Wondering what is the meaning of your opening foto. Something from the middle ages... an entry into....

Anonymous said...

Ha! That U-turn detour must be a family trait. Ask Angie about our one trip to the Allentown area. Here are a few details... Braxton was about 6 weeks old, unplanned detour took us to downtown Philly, Angie has to nurse B in a McD's parking lot located in a less than reputable part of Philly. Who knows how late we arrived at our destination!!
-Daryl said...

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