Monday, June 25, 2007

A Crazy Life

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind. My parents and three youngest sisters came in two weeks ago. My parents left my sisters here and left for a conference in N.C. for a week. Delton, Ezra and I, along with my sisters, moved in to Daryl and Rhoda's house for the week (they were in Canada). For a week I got to reconnect with Cameo, Katelyn, and Andrea. We went swimming, shopping, played innumerable games of rummy, scrapbooked, went out to Applebee's (girls night out!), and had a great time. Ezra got to know his aunts, and they were able to experience the gift of Ezra!

Ezra has taken several steps on his own over this past weekend. I saw his steps for the first time on Sunday in the nursery. He took two steps towards me. He is a little over ten months. It is hard to believe my baby is so close to walking unassisted.
I look forward to life slowing down. My sisters got me inspired to scrapbook again, so I look forward to taking time for creativity.
My family is leaving tomorrow morning. I will miss them.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Growing Up and Going Out

My little guy is certainly growing up...I heard Delton getting Ezra ready for church on Sunday. I came into our bedroom to find Ezra wearing this, and Delton wearing a funny expression on his face. "He picked it out," he told me. "He wanted to wear this today." I had to laugh. My wonderful men! (I changed him!)

Delton and I went to Harper's Ferry on Saturday to celebrate our second anniversary. We had a great time. I had never been there, so I was surprised at how historic it was- I imagined lots of shops, and found lots of museums/old time shop replicas. It was a beautiful day.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

I'm Back

This has been the craziest few weeks, trying to figure out what is wrong with our computer. It has been at the computer store twice, a computer tech has been out to the house twice, Comcast has been out once, and I have spent innumberable hours on the phone trying to get someone to tell me why my computer won't connect to the internet. I am writing this on a loaner from the computer store...they are flabbergasted and confused- and they are the experts!!!
Life is going well for us. I am soooo excited that my family is coming in next week and spending two weeks. Wonderful! This Saturday, Delton and I are going away for the day to celebrate our two year anniversary. Two years! Crazy! It seems like just yesterday that I felt like my wedding date would never come!
Ezra loves to hold my hands and walk everywhere. Forget his toys- he wants to play with anything but! My calculator, phone, the tupperware drawer, my closet...entertaining him has become a full time job. He is so much fun.
I am looking for a part time, at home job- a few hours a week. Anyone know of anything?
I look forward to catching up with those of you who check my blog. It is good to be connected again!!!