Thursday, October 27, 2011

17 weeks...

Just lost large paragraphs of some amazingly well communicated thoughts. Intense insights. Profound revelations. And I am tired. So...this is now my post. Good night. :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Chimney Sweeps

What a wonderful rainy day. There are old metal trapdoors outside our bedroom window. Much to my delight, the sound of rain is magnified as it hits the doors. With pregnancy has come frequent nighttime wakings...I love to lie awake at night and enjoy the thundering or pitter-pattering of the rain. Even during the day, rain soothes me and ministers to my spirit...somehow.
Our chimney was cleaned today. Two men got us ready to go for the upcoming cold. I was halfway afraid they would find a fatal flaw in the chimney. What would we do with all the wood in the garage??? But, they found no problems, and we are good to go. I invite you to visit me this winter if you get cold. I spent last winter in tank tops and barefoot, at times, unbelievably, too hot. I have memories of a coal stove that we had as a child, but the newness of intense, non-electric heat still fascinates me. I hope the joy of the wood stove remains, even as I face the muddy floors and dirt that is inevitable as wood is brought in from the garage daily, rain or shine!!
A few days ago, I received a text from Delton as he traveled to a meeting. "Our house is on the market again." What a text to receive. Everything shifted in that moment. The security of being in "our house" was gone. Suddenly we were at the mercy of a buyer, of a phone call from a realtor saying that we had to have the house ready to view in 24 hours. Over and over again. With three small boys and a pregnant momma. Impossible.
And so I dwelt on what this text meant that evening. A move. A different home. A different town, perhaps. New neighbors. What did God have in store for us? I was at peace...and just a bit overwhelmed.
Delton came home late that evening. I waited until breakfast to find out more information. "You talked with our landlord last evening?" I asked him.
A blank look. "No."
"Then how did you know our house is on the market?"
Sudden dawning of awareness. "I am so sorry. I meant 'our house up on the hill' is back on the market."
And with that, my world shifted again. There is a house close to the church that we have jokingly dubbed 'our house' and keep checking on the sale status. There was a sale pending that must have fallen through. The FOR SALE sign is back up. The house on the hill is back on the market, but my house, this house, is not. It is still mine, and no one can call me and put me in a panic of getting it clean with 24 hours notice. It took me about a day before I could shift my mind back to reality...we weren't moving. It was a funny mix up. The joy of texting!
I am 15 weeks along. Just last week my energy started returning. Yesterday and today, I cleaned!! The house looked good when the chimney sweeps came...not that they cared, but I did!! Instead of napping right now, I am blogging. It has been a long 9 weeks or so...of fatigue, nauseau, and a change in hormones that caused a horrible recurrence of eczema. My hands were so bad that for days, even weeks, I didn't straighten my hands fully because of the cracks. Finally, I can do dishes. Bathe the boys. Wipe off the table. Fold laundry...without every movement of my hands being noticed. This didn't happen with the boys' pregnancies. Hmmmmm....maybe it's a sign....
I found a new blog, from a new author, and have been enjoying her posts as well as her photography. I have yet to read her book, One Thousand Gifts, but I am excited that there is a new book on my 'to read' list. You can find her at Read her made me like her even more.
I hope you are having a wonderfully rainy day as well. Blessings to you!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Taking time to write...

Really? Has it been that long since I last posted? It is hard to believe that we are in September. Delton mentioned Christmas this morning. I guess preparing (budgeting!!) for that would be a good idea...but where did the time go!

Asher has made me laugh (and groan) recently.
~Asher, did you pee on the floor?
~Yes. I peed on the wall, too. I forgot I wasn't supposed to.

That conversation happened yesterday. Today...we had a little bit of progress.

~Asher, make sure you pee in the toilet.
~Okay, mom. I'll try not to pee on the wall. (Then, his voice rings out from inside the bathroom... "Whoops")

I felt like all I have done the past few days is clean up puddles from the floor. Grrrrr. The joys of a short potty-trained child.

Homeschooling and such
We started homeschooling Ezra last Monday- August 29th. I am finding that this endeavor brings me such life. Last week was also the week Colson decided that morning naps were not for him! So...I laugh as I wade through the chaos of caring for three boys in the midst of house chores, school, morning sickness the bathroom repeatedly. Somehow, I wouldn't give up the joy of teaching Ezra, of watching him "get it", for all the peace in the world. This feels so right for us!

I hit my first glitch this morning. I spent 30+ minutes with Ezra working on one page of math. He was learning to write the number 2, and was not getting it. He was silly...disengaged...trying to make a "wavy 2" ("that's all I can see in my mind, mom"). Even after he calmed down and applied himself, it was work. He just wasn't getting it.

Math in general is not something Ezra struggles with. He is figuring out addition all by himself, just through everyday interactions. Mom, look! Two plus two is four! I looked ahead in the math book, and saw pages and pages dedicated to learning how to write numbers, I despaired. Did we choose the wrong program? What do I do now? I couldn't see buying another program for two reasons- 1. I didn't want to spend more money  2. What if we spent the money, and another math program didn't work either?

I decided to ignore writing numbers. We are skipping the pages devoted solely to mastering the skill of writing each number. On pages that require counting, then writing the numbers...I will let Ezra count, tell me the answer, and then I will write the number in.

In a few months, I believe Ezra will be ready to learn to write his numbers. But, he isn't there right now, and I don't want to derail his math instruction because of this developmental issue. So...our first crisis is navigated!

I am pregnant. According to my ultrasound, I am due April 2nd. That makes me about 10 weeks along. We are very excited....somehow we knew that, God willing, we would have another child after Colson.

Weeks 6-9 were very difficult. I dealt with almost constant nauseau and fatigue, which is normal for my pregnancies. Last week, I began to feel better, until yesterday I went strong all day. This is not normal for this part of my pregnancy~ I am usually out of commission until about 14 weeks. It feels very good to feel good. A good friend gave me her maternity clothes, so I can hardly wait until I start showing!

The rain has kept us inside for several days. The boys have not been handling the confinement well. The break in the weather allowed us to go outside for a bit today. Peace. Brotherly affection. Quiet...and lots of mud and water! As it began sprinkling we headed inside to baths, cozy clothes, and naps. Now, the house is quiet, it is raining outside, and I am ready to jump into some housework.

 Watching the rain a couple of weeks ago...Stairsteps!

 Look what I made, mom!
 This picture is soooo Asher! He was standing in a mudpuddle, in the rain, complaining that "Ezra is getting me all wet!"

Thanks for catching up with me today!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

The fruit of our labor

The older boys and I felt rough for a few days. We seem to be recuperating well. Almost 100%, with just a few setbacks! Here are a few pictures of what life has been like the last few days. Enjoy...I have!!

Colson is enjoying his first ever ear of corn...straight from our garden. Aren't his feet cute!!

Play time. With mommy sick for a few days, this probably looked a bit more appealing than the cluttered toy room!!

Asher being Asher.

An empty boxes connects with imaginations. Dad, this is a stove. We need burners. Colson had to be in the "center" of the action!

Look! A new toy!! What does it do?

Ezra is absolutely thrilled to be sharing this time with his brothers.

Colson is into climbing!! Delton and I are discovering our different thresholds of tolerance. Delton: "Babies are so flexible". Charity: "Delton!!!! Watch him! He could fall off of that!!!"


I'm about to attempt a dangerous climb. You might not want to watch this, mom.

Here goes...

Notice the worm...

Today's tomato harvest, minus one that was a part of supper!

Ezra's creation. "Dad, I put it far enough back in the yard so you don't have to move it when you mow."
Good job, Ezra. The only problem is- how are we going to get the mower out of the garage?
"Oh. I can take this apart."

"I have marker on me? Where? I want to see it!"
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Friday, July 22, 2011


These are the golden days...I never want to forget the joy of these moments.
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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Getting things accomplished

I started to write about how much I have been getting done the last few days...only to have the boys start fighting. Then they stopped fighting. There is a quiet tension in the air. Screams now. I am writing with one part of my brain, trying to head off confrontation with the other.
A truce of some sorts...
My baby!
 Colson in the park
 One year old!! Yeah, Colson!

 Grandpa Lehman at Renfrew to celebrate Colson's birthday and listen to the Navy Cruiser Band
 Grandma Lehman
Box day! Our school curriculum arrives!

My parents on the 4th of July

Both yesterday and today, I have been able to accomplish household tasks, allowing me to feel like my house is at rest, rather than desperately out of order. I can't understand why...I find it interesting (and frustrating) that schedules change, children change, sleep routines change, so that what worked one week, one month, no longer works. Colson still takes a morning nap, and the boys are beginning to play independently quite well (forget the first part of this post). So, I am able to clean.
But, tomorrow, Colson may stop his morning nap, the boys may be sick and fussy, and I may be over-tired. But for today, there is peace in my home and in my spirit. I belive there are other factors involved in that peace, but that is a subject for another time.
The boys and I had an Art lesson this morning, critiquing fine art. :) We went through a book called "Come Look With Me- Enjoying Art with Children". We had so much fun looking at a few great works of art and deciding whether we liked them or not, what we saw in the picture, and other simple observations. This kind of "school" seems to work well for both Ezra and Asher.
"We're waiting. We're waiting. We're waiting." Ezra is sitting beside me, reminding me that my mommy duties are being called on. Not necessarily to do anything, but simply to be available.
Have a great day!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Some pictures from long ago...

We recently bought a scanner. I was excited to scan some of the pictures of my mom that I brought home the last time we were with them.

Love you, Mom!!
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