Monday, February 26, 2007


We were out in the snow yesterday. Wasn't it a perfect snow? We enjoyed our day of rest.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Phone Trouble

(The picture was taken at the ice fest on Saturday)

I didn't make it to Bible Study because I dropped my phone in a bucket of water. Okay, so that's not totally true! Both Ezra and I were feeling sick, and so we stayed home and slept and slept- he slept 5 hours, and I slept 2 1/2. Wonderful. About the phone thing...last night when I got up to feed Ezra, I knocked my phone into a glass of water that was sitting by my bed. A hole in one...So, Delton took my phone to the Verizon store today, which left me phoneless, so I was unable to call and let anyone know I wasn't coming. I thought I would mind being disconnected from the world, but it was strangely liberating. I usually carry my phone with me everywhere I go- upstairs, downstairs, from room to room. Not having it, knowing that I couldn't call anyone and no one could call me, made it a quiet, peaceful day- a perfect day to recuperate from a cold. Delton and I were able to communicate, which was unexpected, because I remembered that I could text his phone from the Verizon website. I would text him, and he would reply from his phone, which would send the message to our email account. Very snazzy.

Tomorrow is Friday. I am looking forward to a weekend with my husband and my family. Delton is preaching on Sunday. I know he would appreciate your prayers.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

What to have for dinner???

I had a good evening yesterday. Delton went snowboarding with a friend, Ezra went to bed @ 6:48 p.m., and I had a new magazine and Rocky Road icecream. :) It has been so long since I have had a "me" evening. I sat on the couch with a blanket and did nothing all evening, enjoying the quiet and peace. Time like that are rejuvenating for me.
I am learning how to cook...I know how to cook, but I have struggled with knowing how to figure out what to have for meals. I end up with basic meat, potatoes and a vegetable. I found a bunch of recipes I like from a magazine I am really enjoying, Real Simple, and made a schedule of when to have which meal. Yesterday I went grocery shopping for the ingredients, and I am set for the next two weeks. I only planned about 3 or 4 "menus" per week, because things come up, but it is fun to know that I will be making some fun, new dinners. Does anyone have any tips for how they deal with "what to have for supper?"
Ezra is doing much better. He has a cough, but the worst is over. I gave him a bottle (of water) for the first time today, trying to get him ready for next Friday evening when Delton and I are attending a Sweetheart Banquet and my sisters will be watching him. Ezra loved playing with the bottle. I don't know how much water he got out of it, but it is a start! I want to try pumping so that he can have breastmilk while we are gone. It will be the first time someone else will be putting him to bed! Thankfully, he will be on the same property as the banquet, so I can run over and check on him if I need to.
My parents are coming in to PA on Saturday, and on Sunday they and two of my younger sisters will be coming to church, along with my older sister and her family. Delton is preaching, so I invited them all. Looking forward to Sunday has made this week feel like it is going by slowly.
I should probably get some work done while Ezra is sleeping...Adios.

Friday, February 2, 2007

Not feeling well...

Ezra was at the dr. yesterday- his first "sick" visit. He has a simple cold with congestion. He was given nasal drops, and I am continuing to give him Tylenol every 4 hours. He started getting sick Monday night, so his sickness has been the focus of this week. Thankfully, we had a very quiet week planned. Although it has been a different week, it has been good. It makes me realize how precious good health is! I am really looking forward to Ezra feeling better- for his sake, and so I can get reacquainted with the real Ezra.

So much for the bad weather we were supposed to get today. I was up with Ezra at 4 this morning, and looked out the window and saw...nothing! I realized that Delton would not be home with me today- and I really could have used him home today- for moral support! Delton did go in late, which gave us a chance to catch up- a sick baby takes a lot of attention!

Ezra isn't turning over yet- as the picture shows, he is close!!

My parents and several sisters are coming in mid-Feb. I am really looking forward to seeing them and having them see Ezra. They haven't been able to see him since he was three months old. I am looking forward to a long visit with them.