Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Visiting with Family and other thoughts

My mom and Sister came for a visit yesterday. It was so nice to see them. Ange has a 4 year old and 3 month old, so Ezra and Asher both had someone to play with (although Asher and Cade didn't do much interacting).

I have started checking out for free items. It's fun to see what people are getting rid off. A lot of the items say- it's on my front porch- come get it! A lot of people must check this out, because there are also a lot of posts that say- must be gone by tomorrow morning! It would be fun to see how much of the stuff really goes that quickly. It's a great place to look if there is something you need and don't care about the quality as much. I haven't found anything yet, but there is nothing I am looking for. I am hoping I find something I never knew I needed.

Both boys are down. I did the dishes, then sat at my desk. I had a nagging sense of guilt- that I should be doing something else. I never spend this much time uploading pictures, catching up with people on Facebook, checking craigslist, and organizing my desk. But, if I cleaned up the toys, did the dishes, and "puttered", I would have to do it all over again before Delton came home (and several times tomorrow, and the next day...), anyway. So, I am taking some time just to do what I never do. I think my motivation for this came from reading a Real Simple magazine. There were creative ideas for redoing wardrobes, decorating and such- all using the things you have around the house. It made me feel creative. I couldn't see the creative side of cleaning, so I'm not cleaning at the moment.

I'll have to delete this post eventually, or Ezra and Asher will grow up and say, "how could you, mom?" but for now- I let Ezra play in the bathtub while I bathe Asher. On Tuesday, I looked away for a second- when I looked back, Ezra had a cup with a hole in the bottom, full of water, held high over Asher's belly. So, as water is flowing down on Asher from the cup, Asher adds a stream of his own, arcing high over his head (understand what I'm not saying? :) I told Delton it felt like I was watching a water show. I had a good laugh at the absurdity and fun of life with kids.

So often I read parenting magazines or reader's digest or other magazines and come across websites that are great for this and that- websites I never knew existed. I plan on remembering them, but I never do. I've decided to start keeping track of these websites, so when I am planning a trip, or needing to compare prices on an item, or wanting to buy a bottle of expensive salad dressing (?) I will know where to look. Anyone have any interesting sites they are so glad they found. I love It is a financial planning site- you can link all your bank accounts, loans, credit cards, etc. to this site, and it tracks when payments are due, how much you are spending in different categories, how much you are paying in finance charges, etc. A great FREE tool.

Well- I am going to go spend my free time somewhere other than on the computer. Don't worry- I'm not going to clean.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Walk Like a...Duck?

We have discovered that Asher likes to be soothed with an up and down motion rather than side to side. So, instead of standing still and gently rocking him back and forth (a very normal-looking position), I get to walk through my house looking like a duck. Or looking like a girl in my high school- but that's another story.

So- last week I was settling Asher, walking circles around the house, up and down, up and down. Step, dip, Step, dip (try it!). Ezra leaves his playing and falls in step behind me. I look back, and find my son copying my steps. Up and down, up and down. It's enough to make a mom laugh out loud. But I can't. I'm putting my son to sleep. Must be quiet. Must continue the duck walk.