Wednesday, August 26, 2009

We need cat litter and bleach

I didn't intend for this to be the first picture- this was a bear skin and head that had it's permanent resting place on the stairway banister.
The home where my family stayed in Iowa...such a blessing for most of us to be able to stay together.

My sisters and niece, model wannabes...

David and Molly being introduced at the reception...the newlyweds!!!

Delton and I!

My beautiful new sister in law, Molly. Krystal is just behind her, to your right.

My brother David, the groom!

Yeah, I'll probably regret posting this picture...

Krystal and Asher!

Uncle Paul and Ezra. We stayed at their house on the way out and back. It was a wonderful, refreshing time. We stayed up late our last night their doing a crossword puzzle- Dillon, Aunt Joyce, Uncle Ken, Delton and I. A bundle of fun. I could get addicted. (Any idea who sings "Foolish Games"- starts with a j, five letters!)

We are home from our trip to Iowa. What a whirlwind time...I can hardly believe that it is over, and we are once again back in our normal (whatever that means!) routine. God was so faithful on this trip. I'll start out with the mishaps...

~The night before we were to leave, Delton arrives home from State College at 8 p.m., only to tell me that our car acted up going over the mountain. Car trouble is a huge, huge worry problem for me. Gulp. After talking with out mechanic, and heading out over Blue Ridge Summit at 9 p.m. that night to see if the trouble would reoccur (it didn't) we decided to go for it. The car ran beautifully the entire 32+ hours. Amazing!

~Ezra gets car sick when he reads in the car. Note to self- don't forget about this and hand him a book, as the result (3 times...) will be pretty disgusting. He hasn't yet hit my record, my parents tell me, of 7 times in one trip. Over all the luggage. Yuck.

~Asher was sleeping in our bedroom hours before the wedding. I didn't want to wake him, so we waited until the last possible second to start getting ready. I was outside the bedroom when Delton poked his head out and said, Char- come in here. Uh oh....I walk in, and he informs me that I forgot to pack his suit pants. You have got to be kidding me!!!!! So- we made a stop at Kohl's for dress pants and a new tie. Not exactly a budgeted expense...

~The title for this blog came from a sign we passed...It really confused me. What kind of business uses bleach and cat litter- and who advertises that they NEED it, rather than are selling it. It was an animal shelter! Makes me laugh when I remember it, though. How absurd!!

Now for the fun parts!

~ My brother's wedding was beautiful. My dad married them. He gets emotional at his children's weddings, which I think makes him feel like he messed up, but is so beautiful to watch. My dad loves us!

~The reception was nice, but sooooo loud!! We had the boys outside most of the time after the meal. Ezra danced for hours at Daniel's wedding, but didn't want to get near the dance floor this time!

~We stayed at the home of friends of my parents. A beautiful home, where everything was unique and artistic. Very, very enjoyable.

~ I learned that Asher will sleep in a new environment, and I learned to stop shushing people every time they spoke outside our bedroom- where the 60 inch TV was located! I laid Asher down in the nursery crib. He was fussing as I left. Then, my brother in law came in to lay their toddler down as well. I went out, fully expecting that Asher wouldn't fall asleep. My sister comes out a few minutes later to report that both boys were asleep. I told her I didn't believe her. I still have trouble believing it. Amazing. This is the little boy that only sleeps in his own bed. I get mommy was proved wrong...Kids are resilient!!

~Unpacking has proven to be a multiple day affair. One thing that hasn't helped is Ezra got two new train sets right before we left for Iowa. Both of them, their track and trains and houses, have been spread out all over the downstairs all day yesterday and today. One was purchased on craigslist for $40, the other came from a yardsale for a buck. Guess which one gets lots more playtime????!!!!

~So good to be home. Lots of events and decisions coming up, so there is a lot on my mind, but God is good. He will carry me through!