Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Day of Firsts

Delton took Ezra and Asher out to Rutter's for milk this morning. This is the first time Asher has been included with "the guys" on outings like this. He pretty much woke up, was picked up, had a hat put on his head, and headed out!

I made baked peach oatmeal and coffee for breakfast. Yummy!

Ezra colored Easter eggs this morning. He thought it was great fun. I think he would have gone through several dozen eggs if I had let him!

Then- we went fishing. Delton bought a kids rod for Ezra a few weeks back and has been biting at the bit (or the bait!) for an opportunity to take Ezra fishing. It was a bit out of my league. Holding the (closed) bait container was even stretching for me.

This sign met us as the start of the golf course. Delton was sure he had fished here before. He asked at the clubhouse to see if we could fish, and was told we could!

The first time- but not the last, judging from everyone's reluctance to leave. Yes, we caught a fish. No, I didn't happen to have the camera with me at the time, and we threw it back in!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Time Away and Time Flying

The flash got to him~ What a nut!

for his modeling portfolio... :-)

brothers, brothers...there were never such devoted brothers (White Christmas, anyone?)

Another favorite Asher shot.
We returned today from a busy time away. We took Ezra to my sister's house yesterday, then Delton, Asher and I headed to Lewisburg for a Cen-Pe-Co meeting. It was nice to just focus on Asher. Delton had a great time at the meetings. I enjoyed the peace and quiet of being in a hotel room, having nothing pressing to do while Asher napped. I even took a nap this morning! It was so nice to pick up Ezra and hear how his time went! He had a blast!
On the way home, Delton and I were talking about how to get across to Ezra that Jesus is the reason for Christmas. To backtrack a bit, we made the mistake of showing Ezra "Polar Express" on Christmas Eve. Since then, Ezra has continued to remind us that Santa brings presents! We must have mentioned gifts/presents in the car ride today, because Ezra once again brought up Santa! Thus the conversation as to the meaning of Christmas. As Delton and I talked, Ezra piped up again from the back seat. "Jesus rose 'gain. Jesus rose 'gain". Perhaps the theology is a bit off (Jesus rose, He is coming again...) but somehow he caught hold of a part of the Easter story. He is learning and growing almost daily, it seems.
I added some pictures- mostly of Asher, because I've caught some cute moments recently. He is 11 months old today. Can't believe it.
Can't get much cuter than that in this mom's biased eyes!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Our life in pictures

Bath Time!

The VonLehman family singers....???

Eating crackers

Monday, March 2, 2009

Mourning the Loss

We found out this morning that a young adult in our church passed away in his sleep overnight. He was our drummer and played with Delton on the worship team. It is hard to wrap my mind around his passing- He went to sleep, and woke up in Heaven. We can ask for no better transition. He knows! He knows what heaven is like, what fellowship with the Father is like. And yet, as a mom, I realize that his family is experiencing such a loss. So many lasts, and no more firsts. His funeral is Friday.
Our boys are doing well. Asher is rolling around, maneuvering to get to the toys he wants. Ezra is potty-trained. Yeah! Life is continuing, and we are enjoying it and trying to make the most of every moment.