Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Some pictures from long ago...

We recently bought a scanner. I was excited to scan some of the pictures of my mom that I brought home the last time we were with them.

Love you, Mom!!
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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day Joy

Here are some fun photos of the past week...
Brotherly affection...

It seems like Asher is realizing that he has a little brother. Sometimes this means he exerts his size to his advantage...look, I'm bigger than somebody!!

Asher's creativity and coloring has really started to take off. Do you see how many of the letter "A" he drew on that yellow piece of paper? I think there are about 22!

Introducing the boys to Mary Martin's Peter Pan. They were intrigued. Ezra, do Indians always act like that? The movie's presentation of Indians is a bit, shall we say, overly stereotypical.

Colson can move, and boy does that make him happy. My clean dishes end up on the floor. The dirty ones go in his mouth.

Father's Day afternoon. What is Father's Day without a fight between knights?

Wait...two against one! That isn't fair!

Asher is sooo delighted!

Sticks in motion...and no one got hurt!!

My brave men, Father's Day 2011

My husband, the best father to our boys!! Love you, Delton!!
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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Gardening and other simple pleasures...

We have a garden. Just saying that is so satisfying. We are at the point where growth is visible. The potato plants are flourishing, the tomato plants are growing wonderfully, we are eating our lettuce and spinach at meals, and our onions have flavored some meals and are now simply being allowed to grow!

When we began this experiment, I was afraid that this would be a humbling experience. We had two small, one big, and for a while, the word garden didn't even describe them. They were simply two squares of plowed dirt. Would they remain plots empty of seed, finally giving over to weeds once more?

Slowly, slowly, a garden has emerged. Through the faithful, constant work of Delton, we now have two gardens that are planted. Hot peppers, green peppers, corn, popping corn, beans, peas, melon, basil, cherry tomatoes and cucumbers have now joined the ranks and most are pushing up through the dirt, visible and promising.

Our corn has required some patience and extra work. The first seeds never sprouted. For about a month we waited. Hardly "green thumbs", we wondered, we hoped, that the green foliage we were seeing would materialize into corn stalks. We finally gave up hoping as the grass grew, but the corn didn't. A second planting is now in the ground, with little shoots evident beside the very few stalks that did manage to survive the first planting. We have one stalk of popping corn coming up. Will it be enough to pop? We hope so!!

Our cucumber seeds also failed to sprout. Just this morning I found an unopened packet of cucumber seeds and planted two short rows. I think Delton planted some tea this morning before I was outside. I planted one row of cucumbers next to some tea plants I don't think were there yesterday..will we have minty tasting cucumbers? We'll see!

Each time we are outside, enjoying the beauty of summer, working in our yard while the boys run, we overflow with gratefulness to God. He has done marvelous things in our life!

 One of life's milestones....

 Asher in a pensive moment...


 Ezra drawing...
 He loves to draw maps.

 Asher has jumped into drawing with both feet. It took Delton and I by suprise!! He is growing and changing!

 Our small garden...
The big garden is by the road, behind Colson...when the corn comes up there will be something to see!