Friday, December 17, 2010


We spent a week sick...all but Colson. This is the juice we lived on, along with oyster crackers. Delton and I were so low that we were forgetting to feed the boys. Asher, who fared better than the rest of us, had to ask for food. Poor guy! Colson waited until we were all better before coming down with a cold. I don't know how I would have handled it otherwise!
Asher beebasher! :)

Toys for Christmas? Why?

Colson, you are deeply loved!
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Hodge Podge

I am NOT crafty. At all. The thought of "craft time" makes my blood pressure rise...that said, I get very excited when I think of something that allows Ezra to be creative, because Ezra LOVES crafts, loves being creative. Sooooo...decorating a cake with m&m's is right up his alley. Fun times!!

Colson reminds me of my brother Daniel. He looks like I remember Daniel as a baby, and they are both third in line. Wonder if Colson will grow up to be a lawyer like Uncle Daniel?
  Brotherly affection...

I love the pictures of Great-Grandma Sollenberger holding each of the boys. I thought this one was so precious.
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Monday, December 6, 2010


I am going to start this post and see how far I get. I probably should write this some other time, because I am already crying, but here goes. Do you know what Sensory Processing Disorder is? No? Neither did I until a few months ago.
One of my boys, who I will call s.h (superhero), is dealing with spd. A mild form, so mild that the occupational therapist doesn't need to see him again. But this mild spd is still rocking our world.
Last week, s.h. wore clothing for 2 hours from Monday through Thursday. Two hours. As the temperature dropped, as he took meds for bronchitis, my beautiful boy couldn't handle the feeling of clothing other than his underwear. They tickle. They have tickled since he was 32 months old. It has been a long journey.
Tags need to be cut out of shirts. His snow boots are the only shoes he has worn for months. He will wear only one style of socks, of which we have 4 pairs. He now refuses to wear a coat, refuses to layer clothing, is unable to handle the feel, the tickle...
"Mom, will I go to school at Christmas?"
no, not yet.
"But mom, will I be grown up at Christmas?"
well, you will be older than you are today.
"But mom! Will the tickle go away at Christmas? Will it go away????"
Why am I sharing this with you? Many reasons. This blog is about my life, and this has consumed my life and changed what is normal.
I am sharing this so that you will understand why s.h. may be wearing the same outfit he wore last week, the same clothes he has been in all week, and why we are simply thankful that he has clothes on. I am sharing this so that if I fail to smile at you you won't be offended, but realize that we may have spent the last 40 minutes before church trying to get a shirt, or pants, or shoes, on a child that wants so desperately for the tickle to go away...but it won't. And he can't make it go away, and we can't make it go away.
I am sharing this so that if you have ever judged a parent for their parenting decisions, as I have, that you will recognize that there may be more going on here than you can see. You may not see a parent crying inside because she doesn't know how to help her son. How to give her son the wings he needs to fly. Doesn't know if her son is ever going to be able to go to school...or play in the snow...So many many ups and downs...
...but there is a child asleep in his bed right now that is so loved, so delighted in, such a blessing...and this is simply a part of our journey with him.......