Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Teething Troubles and a Cold

Grandma and Grandpa Lehman stopped by recently and saw Ezra. We enjoyed visiting with them.
Ezra is experiencing his first bout with true sickness. He has a cold. Two nights ago, he was up several times during the night, crying. Yesterday and today his nose is running, eyes are watery, and he has diarrhea. No fun for the little guy. He slept well last night, so I think we are over the worst, thankfully.

I enjoyed the snow yesterday. I have all but given up on getting a huge snow storm this year. The weather is supposed to be bad on Friday, which means Delton probably will be home. That will be very nice!

I am reading a book my dad wrote called "You've been Tweaked". Very interesting. It is an allegory- fictional story- about the way our past experiences are used to determine our future success. It is available on I think you can read more about the book on amazon as well. A friend of the family drew illustrations for the book- the main character looks a lot like my dad!

I am going to get some work done now that Ezra is asleep and I have had a moment to catch my breath.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Triumphs of Motherhood

The past two weeks have centered around Ezra. He has been teething sooo hard, and hasn't been sleeping much at all during the day. That takes its toll on him and me (and Delton). Just this week, it seems like we are moving out of the heavy teething- I actually have a moment to blog! I bought a book at Borders recently that has been such a blessing. It is called, "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child." Previously, I thought I either had to let Ezra cry it out, or be doomed to a life of out of control nap times- drawn out battles or no sleep at all. This book, while acknowledging that for some children, crying it out is the only thing that works, gives so much help in understanding sleep patterns, bedtime soothing, and other alternatives to crying it out. Usually, if Ezra was wide awake after I finished his morning feeding (even if he had been rubbing his eyes and yawning moments before) he wouldn't go to sleep- if was very frustrating. Today, he was wide awake, yet I knew he was tired. I used a little bit of what the book has been teaching me. I "soothed him to sleep" by walking him for a few minutes. We were in his room, which is calming to him, and I gently swayed him without talking. He relaxed- he didn't fall asleep or even lay his head on me, but he was relaxed. After a little bit of holding him, I laid him down in his crib. I knelt beside the crib and held his hand. He fussed quietly, and kept looking over to see if I was there. After a few minutes, he stopped looking at me and just fussed a little more- and then fell fast asleep. It couldn't have taken more than ten minutes.

Most of the time, Ezra falls asleep while nursing, or is quite drowsy, so he goes to sleep easily. This soothing method is so exciting to me, because it means that at times when I know he needs to sleep, but he doesn't, I don't have to simply lay him down and let him cry. I feel like I am doing what works for Ezra. I can't stop smiling. The small (yet huge) triumphs of motherhood!

Everything is going well in other areas of life. I got my hair cut to chin length. I don't know that I love the look on me, but that may also be because I haven't had a chance to do much with it yet. Bedhead and pajamas are not the best canvas for an amazing look! My allergies, which have plagued me for about 8 weeks now, are finally subsiding. I have my face back! I wonder if the cold weather hasn't helped destroy whatever was affecting me.

My sister in Prague is doing very well. The instructor told her that if the class was over this week, he would give her the certificate because she is doing so well. She still has 10 days left of the TESOL school, but she is encouraged to know that she is doing well.

We are looking for a high chair for Ezra- he destroys (!!) our table when we try to hold him at meals. It is time for him to have a high chair. Is anyone wanting to sell theirs, or does anyone have advice as to what types are best?

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Update on the Lehmans

It is good to be blogging again! So much has happened in my little world! My sister left for Prague to attend a one month TESOL school, then spend a year teaching English overseas. I haven't seen her in several months, but I miss her more now that she is out of the country.

Ezra has had a hard last several days. Last night, we discovered the reason- a third tooth! He is sleeping right now, which is so good for him (and me!!). He has been going to bed at 8:30 p.m. rather than 10, so Delton and I have some time together before bed. The only downside of that is that Ezra is waking up at 5 a.m.!!! I really hope this doesn't continue!

I am going to go make some bread. I have enjoyed baking lately...we'll see how this turns out.


Sunday, January 7, 2007

We are back! I have had trouble getting into this site, but it appears the bugs have been worked out. I am going to go play with Ezra right now, but I will update soon!