Monday, July 30, 2007

More Pict's

We went to Caledonia last weekend- Ezra had fun getting wet with daddy. Ezra has found a new favorite toy- my keys. He doesn't understand that they have a use other than a toy! When I grab my keys to go somewhere, Ezra thinks I need to hand them over. You can tell by his expression that he is quite pleased with himself!!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Fun Pictures

We celebrated Delton's 26th birthday on Tuesday. So much fun to have Ezra there to celebrate with us.

Ezra's second cousin came to play yesterday. Ezra enjoyed playing with him, although Ezra wasn't too sure about sharing his toys!

Monday, July 16, 2007

So much fun!

We had a busy weekend- the Sollenberger reunion at Cove Friday and Saturday, a graduation party on Sunday afternoon, and friends over on Sunday evening. It was a great time. Ezra slept in a tent for the first time, went swimming and loved it, and did great in all the activity. I am posting some pictures from the last couple days.

The Mess picture: I wanted to check email and keep Ezra happy while I was occupied, so I let him play with his diaper bag. Whoops. I saw the crackers in his hand an instant before they were all over him. Oh well, I rationalized. This will probably buy me a few more minutes- and it did! He loved it!

The "daddy and Ezra" picture:This evening, Ezra was tired. He was walking along the couch and putting his head down on the cushions. Delton came over to him, and Ezra laid his head down on Delton. So precious!
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Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Ezra has started walking! Yesterday, I had so much fun discovering his abilities. He was able to walk, stop and look around, then keep on walking. Several times, he let go of his support and took off by himself. It seems unreal- like this is just a fluke and next week he'll go back to being my little baby. He is just about 11 months old- which means his first birthday is just around the corner. I was not ready for this! I am enjoying this stage, and look forward to all the upcoming stages, but at times still miss the times I could hold him for hours. Now, I am thankful when he lets me give him a hug! :) What an amazing journey. I'm having a blast!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Fourth of July 5K Run

We did it! Delton and I participated in Waynesboro's annual 5K Firecracker Run. Delton's goal was to do it in under 23 minutes (best case scenario) or 24 minutes (more realistic scenario!). He finished in 22 minutes and 56 seconds!! Amazing! My goal was to finish in under 45 minutes, which is when you have to move to the sidewalk if you are still on the course. I wanted to finish on the road, and I did. I finished in 42 1/2 minutes. I ran the first mile, and ran about half of the next two. After not training for several weeks, and doing very little running during my training, I was extremely pleased with how it went. I felt a euphoria similar to how I felt when I had Ezra- I pushed myself farther than I thought I could go- and succeeded! I'm already thinking about what my goal will be next year...maybe simply to run the whole thing? We'll see!