Friday, June 15, 2012

Sweet Summertime

Summer is here. My first summer as a mom where I really sense the shift. We are done with school, and we are free to play all day! My boys can't get enough of being outside, playing with our neighbor girl, checking on the chickens, and most of all... getting wet!! I find it difficult to coordinate my day and get anything done. Colson is too young to play outside unsupervise. Avi needs to eat and sleep inside. The boys want to play in the neighbor's pool. I feel pulled in so many directions and am finding it hard to decide where to be and when!!  I think we will buy a little pool so that the boys can play here...that will solve at least part of the dilema!

Many other thoughts, yet many other items on my to-do here is just a few notes and pictures of interest....

Here is my current reading list, including school books for the upcoming year... If you want to know what I think of any of them, let me know...

The Jesus Storybook Bible
Bringing Up Girls
Phonics Pathways
The Nature Connection
How Now Shall We Live
Don't Forget to Write

And some  pictures of what keeps me busy and smiling each day... precious princess who is such a joy! She is almost three months old...

 Ezra and Colson would take after my side of the family...tall, dark, handsome... :) Ezra seems to favor the Lengeman side (tall like my dad) and Colson seems to favor the Proctors (my mom's side and where I get my stature!)

 Why Delton rarely works from home...

Buzz cuts, no shirts, sunburn, water balloons...must be summer!