Monday, May 23, 2011

Outside, Inside, and All About!

We are painting our picnic table Heirloom Red. At first we gasped when we open the can, but we really like it!!

This is a "before" shot of the top of the table. I will post an "after" shot once everything is painted!

Life will never be the same!! Check out Asher's face. Colson is into everything!! The boys are very good natured about it, but in this moment, Asher had had enough!!

Did I mention that we love Colson???....

a lot!!!

Eating banana bread...and loving it!!

At Rhodes Grove for a graduation party. May he always lean upon the cross....

Ezra is growing...We are planning on homeschooling him in the fall. We attended the Harrisburg Homeschool Convention...had a great time...and are sooooo excited for what we will be teaching him this fall. Delton and I have been pouring over the curriculum catalog, staying up way too late to talk about it...and are anxious for fall to come!

Daddy's little man.

Delton preached at Spirit of Christ in Chambersburg. We went out for lunch, then right over to Rhodes Grove. We didn't Delton's outfit is in the wash, covered with bright green pollen!!

Look at me, mommy! I'm walking!!

Ezra lost his first tooth while Delton and I were at the Homeschool Convention. He accidentally swallowed it, and was a bit concerned that the tooth fairy might not show up if there wasn't a tooth to be seen! Never fear...the tooth fairy came!!

Asher doesn't like monsters, even if he talks about them a lot. He was concerned about this mysterious "tooth fairy" we started talking about. He was relieved to find out that Delton was the tooth fairy, and every time we mentioned the tooth fairy reminded Delton..."Remember, daddy, YOU'RE the tooth fairy." No scary strangers coming into my bedroom, right?? (Just daddy in a purple that is scary!! lol)

Ezra took some pictures of me. I was pleased with this one (and deleted the rest! :)

What, mom?

He never fails to make us smile!!! What a gem!!

Picture time!!

Easter pictures at church. The boys love to climb this retaining wall. Makes me so nervous!! Overprotective mom, or empowering mom of is always a struggle!!

Just a glimpse into our life. We are so blessed by all we have been given!!
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