Friday, February 26, 2010

The Natives Are Getting Restless

I invited some people over for supper, then realized I might be in over my head...


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Big Steps

Okay, so this is a strange shot, but look at the majesty of the tree. The ocean is in the background. We spent time at this beach while in Georgia. There were two child friendly playgrounds that captured the boy's attention. We were planning on taking two days to travel home, leaving Friday morning, but the impending snow storm changed our plans and we left Thursday night. We hit flurries in WV, but had no road trouble. We are so thankful we made it home before the snow dumped on us!!

Tomorrow evening, Delton is being ordained at Lifegate. This is a new step for us, a big step. I have so many thoughts but don't know what to say, other than we are thankful that God has brought us to this point and we have peace and joy about the days ahead.

I am afraid that Asher is turning into a stinker. :) I have a sneaking suspicion that he is a lot like I was as a child. He has this grin where he slits his eyes and smiles...he knows he is cute, he knows I get a kick out of the spunk in him! I see this played out lately in picture taking...someone wanted to take a picture of him this weekend, and he shut his eyes!! I was snapping some shots of he and Ezra eating breakfast the other day, and he closed his eyes and ate half of his sandwich this way, not even peeking to see if I still had the camera pointed at him (I did!). It is fun to see his unique nature becoming apparent. I look forward to seeing what else is hidden inside this beautiful child!!

Ezra is in craft/creating mode. I have construction paper creations refrigerator is hidden somewhere behind his art gallery. I had purchased different craft items several months ago, but he wasn't interested. In his own time, crafts and creating have become an interest. I enjoy watching his mind work as he draws maps, creates trains and other designs recognizable only in his mind. Ezra is currently a superhero. This is so cute, but it does present some theological problems. Tonight, Delton was explaining that Jesus came to save us. Ezra said that he doesn't need saved. He is a superhero, fights bad guys, and isn't afraid. Delton said that Jesus came to save us from sin. Ezra said that he is not afraid of sin. Where's the guy with a Ph.D in divinity when you have to counter that?

I am almost 22 weeks along in my pregnancy, feeling movement and wondering more and more about who this child will be. The basics - boy or girl- and the not so basic- a red head? a scholar or an athlete? prone to ear aches, allergies, sleep trouble, cuddly or not? I look forward to meeting this child.

The entire back of our house is covered with scaffolding, which is wrapped with huge sheets of plastic. When I look out the window on my kitchen door, I see this plastic, the filth of years of dirt being stripped off bricks, and not much else. There is a tiny hole where two pieces of plastic have been joined together. I peek through that hole to check and see if Delton is home yet. This construction equipment means we have to use the front door. So, I have to park out back, get two boys and various gear through the snow, dirt and equipment, through a narrow walkway between the townhouse which is also being used as storage while the brick work is being done. Soon, my belly will not allow me to squeeze between our grill and the wall. It is definately an adventure!
Life is good...blessings to you!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ezra and I

Ezra is hiding right now, waiting for daddy to arrive home, waiting to be "found". Delton may not be home for 20 more minutes. Ezra sounds sleepy. "Mommy, I don't want to hide," he just said as he wanders over to me. "Please turn on a movie". Sorry, little mister. Let's play, and I'll give you a heads up when I see daddy's car. I know he would love to find you as much as you would love to be found.
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