Saturday, April 30, 2011


Ezra, Asher and Delton went fishing this morning. Ezra caught his first fish, all by himself!


Colson is "cruising". This is his attempt to make it across the "great divide". He is 10 months old...just got his first two teeth!! It is hard to believe that in the next few weeks, he will be cruising even more and making my life much more exciting!

A college roommate from Long Island was coming to Hershey Chocolate World with her husband and 2 year old. I bravely (with a bit of fear and trembling!) took all three boys there by myself to meet her. It went great!! We rode the ride twice, ate cookies, let the boys play outside, and came home, all in about 7 hours. My favorite part (besides visiting with Kate, my college roommate) was the 3 hours of driving time. Sleeping boys, a quiet van, and time alone with my thoughts....I felt very refreshed when I arrived home!!

Strawberry! (He reminds me of my sister, Katie, in this picture. Any guesses why, Lengeman family?)

Colson is checking out Asher's birthday fishing rod! He was quite taken with it!!

Delton's new routine is to take a morning walk around our yard and check out how things are growing. He is kind enough to include Colson in these walks so I have a few minutes to wake up! Here, I found him in our garden (one of our gardens!) getting worms!
Birthday boy, Asher! He turned 3 on the 27th!!

Ezra enjoying the feel of freshly turned earth in our other garden. We started out only intending to have a 4x10 raised garden. Now, let's just say we are in waaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy over our heads (and loving it!!). Sweet corn, anyone?

Dad is looking at our recently purchased lawn mower, but I can't take my eyes off my little guy!!

Big stuff!! Show and tell!

So...that is a snapshot of our life. I must say, life is good!!

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Anonymous said...

So glad your trip to Hershey went well. Those trips have the potential of being nightmares. Enjoy your big garden and those beautiful boys!

thesummytribe said...

Hey Charity! I just recently came across your blog and I could not help but comment! I guess you would remember who I am, Colette Heisey, (now Summy). I am married with 4 kids and we live in South Carolina. I also have a blog I do for our families since we live 10 hours away from them all. If you are interested,
I enjoyed reading your blog, your kids are sweet!

Anonymous said...

Just reading your blog helps give me the "grandma fix" I crave so often:) - Mom Lehman