Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Not a fan of inside pets...

For some reason, I can't upload pictures. We are all doing great- Ezra is talking more, Asher is smiling and cooing. I love it!
We looked at a house last night. Cutest little house with a yard that has a fairyland feel. However, the house hasn't been updated inside since it was built in the 50's, and they had cats living inside- and it reeks! It could be renovated and be wonderful- but I don't think it is the house for us. One of our desires is to live in community. It would be so easy to stay sheltered in this house, never interacting with our neighbors as there is so much shrubbery and foliage that you can hardly tell there is a house there. Since looking at that house last night, I have been sooo thankful for our current house. I hadn't really appreciated this house before, always complaining about the stark white walls and economy blue carpet. But- it is clean, it doesn't smell, and it is home!

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Sabrina said...

I'll agree with the pet thing. Hope you can find the right house when the time is right, but being happy with where you are is a great thing!