Wednesday, July 9, 2008

It's been a while

Words fail me. I love this picture of Asher.
Our Ezra!
My sister gave us a tricycle. Ezra can't reach the peddles but loves being pushed around on it. Delton pushed him over to grandma and grandpa's to celebrate grandpa's birthday.

One of the reasons that I haven't posted in a days have gone a lot like my day yesterday...the electrician showed up minutes before I had to leave for a dr. appointment, which was only 20 minutes after I found out Delton would be getting home late, and I'd have to feed everyone supper, load them up, and get going by myself. Add to this that the previous 20 minutes I'd spent talking to my landlord while Ezra, taking advantage of my distraction, walked a dozen pens and other odds and ends over to me, then deposited them all over our floor. So- my house is a wreck, the electrician is upstairs in the bedroom that hasn't been organized since we got back from our weekend away, Delton walks in as I walk out... Can you relate?

I have been thinking lately about different things that fall under the heading "You know you are a mom when...". My top answer would be- you know you are a mom when you enjoy walking the cart back to where it goes at the grocery store because it is the only time you have been all alone, outside, for months! I had assistance at the grocery store a while ago. They kindly offered to walk the cart back into the store for me. Before I could protest, they were gone. No!! I realized then that I was in need of some serious alone time! (has yet to happen. :) When Delton goes along with me now, he lets me push the cart back- he even suggested last time that I take it to the cart holder that is several rows away rather than the one right next to us! Anyway- that is my life with two boys.

I heard a quote recently- with children, the days are long but the years are short. A good reminder.


Anonymous said...

It could give you more facts.

Anonymous said...

I love that quote - so true. I've just recently obtained a great neighbor girl as a baby-sitter for Keaton so now I have some 'alone' time 2 days a week while I go to work. Funny how work seems like a vacation nowadays. Thanks for posting the great pictures of your adorable boys. Hang in there!

Sabrina said...

I know how you feel!

Anonymous said...

So true - so true!:-) Mom Leh