Thursday, February 28, 2008

Pregnancy and Ezra

My little monster!
"I know something you don't know, mommy..."

I am waiting for an electrician to come in the next few minutes, which is why I'm not taking a nap. Why?? Well, Ezra put a plastic piece in the baseboard heater in our bedroom. Because of the odor that was ocurring, Delton finally found the melted piece last night. Great. Problem solved, right? The melting must have effected the thermostat in the heater, because the heater has not stopped running (at full strength) since the piece was removed. We roasted last night, and the room feels like a sauna! The electrician just arrived and is upstairs installing a new thermostat (and hopefully not waking up Ezra, who is sleeping in the next room!!). He keeps me on my toes- well, I guess obviously I haven't been as observant as I could be!!

My pregnancy is going well. I am sooo ready to have a baby!! I have 11 weeks left. At times, that feels incredibly long. At other times, I marvel that I have already been pregnant for 29 weeks. Most of the time, however, 11 weeks seems like a marathon- one I haven't trained for, but have to finish!! I look forward to holding this new one, experiencing his personality, seeing who he resembles, and being able to freely use his name! I have most of the baby clothes organized and in the dresser. I forgot to tell Delton that I moved Ezra's clothes to make room for the baby clothes. The other evening, as Delton is dressing Ezra (in almost total darkness, as the lightbulb had burnt out earlier in the day), I find him searching through Ezra's usual clothes drawer, quite confused!! Nothing seemed to be the right size as he pawed through 0-3 month onesies and tiny outfits. :) It is exciting to have little baby clothes around once again. I know it will be hard, but I can't seem to think past all the joys of having another child.

Enjoy the pictures of Ezra- he looks like a child who just put a plastic piece in a heater, doesn't he!!


Anonymous said...

He sure does!!! He is so stinkin' cute.

Anonymous said...

You have such an adorable little 'monster'. I enjoy your posts so much!

Anonymous said...

Charity, I forget, are you finding out "what" you are haivng this time ?? I guess we will miss seeing the baby by a couple weeks
:( .
Ezra is sure growing up !! Aunt Sondra

Charity said...

We are having a little boy! We found out Christmas Eve. We are excited about a playmate for Ezra. Yes- he is really growing up. He has been attending Sunday School at church, and has learned motions to songs. It is amazing to watch him motion to "My God is so Big" and other songs. He loves it!