Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Teething Troubles and a Cold

Grandma and Grandpa Lehman stopped by recently and saw Ezra. We enjoyed visiting with them.
Ezra is experiencing his first bout with true sickness. He has a cold. Two nights ago, he was up several times during the night, crying. Yesterday and today his nose is running, eyes are watery, and he has diarrhea. No fun for the little guy. He slept well last night, so I think we are over the worst, thankfully.

I enjoyed the snow yesterday. I have all but given up on getting a huge snow storm this year. The weather is supposed to be bad on Friday, which means Delton probably will be home. That will be very nice!

I am reading a book my dad wrote called "You've been Tweaked". Very interesting. It is an allegory- fictional story- about the way our past experiences are used to determine our future success. It is available on I think you can read more about the book on amazon as well. A friend of the family drew illustrations for the book- the main character looks a lot like my dad!

I am going to get some work done now that Ezra is asleep and I have had a moment to catch my breath.


Anonymous said...

I will definitely check out the book...that's very cool. Hopefully Ezra is back to his usual cheerful self soon!

Anonymous said...

Glad Ezra is starting to feel better. Don't give up on a snow storm yet. We have left for the south the 2nd week of Feb when Franklin county was snowed under! I really want to be here when that happens so I hope it isn't next week while we are gone. Mom Lehman