Sunday, March 18, 2012

Pictures of Blue before Pink takes over

 I am 12 days away from my due date. I am sure that the boys won't get quite the coverage on this blog for a while, as pictures of "Princess Girl" will take over. So...I thought I would add some current pics and update the blog, possibly one last time before life is forever changed in this household!!
 My boys...standing under the trellis Delton made to hold our peas...or is it beans? I can never remember. Anyway, I love Delton's trellis'...they have such character!!
 I love having boys!!! Rough and tumble, dirty and happy...what's not to love!!
 Special moment...
 Before Delton got to his to-do list Saturday morning, he started on my "honey-do" list. I thanked him when he was done and he said "My pleasure".

A gorilla on the way to Georgia...

 My gorilla in Georgia!!

 There was a tea maker in their room. Ezra requested that he and daddy take time for tea some day. Looks like someone is living the good life!!
The view from their room.

I am waiting for her arrival...can't remember being this ready, this anxious for the other deliveries, but I know I was. I thought Ezra would never arrive...and here I am 5 1/2 years and several children later. Here we go again!