Sunday, October 17, 2010

My life in pictures...

 This is my beautiful baby, Colson, who has stolen my heart. Every day, Colson, I thank God for you. You are a blessing in more ways than I can count. You are loved and delighted in, Colson Graham!!!
 Asher being....Asher.
 Colson has been a "frustrated" thumb sucker. He more often finds his fist, and if he happens to find his thumb, it doesn't last very long! In the past day or two, he has found his thumb often, and has enjoyed sucking it for a time. We will see if this continues. My vote is yes. Delton's vote is no! :)
We went to TriState Fellowship on Saturday for their Pumpkin Seige. Cedar Ridge built a huge trebuchet, which a sort of like a catapult, just with a different set up. Something like that! They launched a pumpkin over 500 feet, then suffered a disappointment when the trebuchet broke! :( It is really an awesome sight to see this huge machine do what it was created to do...and see the pumpkin fly through the air! Check out trebuchets on to see one at work!
Ezra and Colson definately have a close bond. When Ezra talks to Colson, Colson talks back. Ezra is so gentle and caring of his little brother. I look forward to seeing what their relationship is like in future years. I pray they continue to have a close connection.
I had cut up some apples that needed used, and found a recipe for apple dumplings. After deciding to use this specific recipe and getting the baking supplies out, I realized it was actually a recipe for apple fritters. As in donuts. Delton came home post-frying. He had one, and asked, "How did you make them? Were they baked?" I smiled and said, "Yes, I baked them." He grinned, looked at the oil on the stove, and didn't eat another one (that day!) 

Ezra went with Delton Friday evening to set up the trebuchet. He was daddy's little helper!


Sabrina said...

I enjoyed this post. :)

Natural Cure For Prostate Cancer said...

It's a family affairs blog... Thumb sucking is natural for certain period of time.. But I've got to try the apple dumpling! Is it a family tradition recipe? I’ve never seen a live trebuchet at work... It must be fun!

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