Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Young and The Restless, my daily soap...

At times I can despair
Of getting it all done
The housework, all the chores
The race I have to run

Up early and down late
With so much in-between
Finding peace within the chaos
Often remains to be seen

Dirty diapers, runny nose,
The crying spells and such
Move me in fast-forward
Of "stop", there isn't much

But ever in the forest,
I forget to see the trees
(Interrupted from my musings
By a most unpleasant breeze...)

I hear it in their laughter
And even in their tears
A life in need of nurture
And love throughout their years

Too simple to be sage
Life's not about the "done"
The joy is in the journey
The walk is twice the fun

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You did it again Charity! Painted a wonderful picture with words! :-)
Mom Leh