Thursday, January 15, 2009

Coming into his own...

Asher had a rather limited view of Georgia last year, unfortunately.

Georgia last year- Ezra was dancing to the music.

Delton and Ezra at our first convention, 2008. We are so excited to be returning with both our boys- so excited that Ezra will be able to enjoy everything so much more. Grace to Katie, my sister, who is coming along to help us out. Does she know what she is in for? :)

Asher loves to play with balls. Why does this excite me so much? Because it is the polar opposite of Ezra's toy choice, which has always been pens, screwdrivers, and other long narrow items. And Asher likes balls!!! It has been so much fun watching Asher's enjoyment of the two balls we have scrounged up (one came from the church nursery on Sunday. whoops. It will be returning this Sunday...). We had an 11 month old at our house on Tuesday. He tried to get the ball from Asher- and Asher held on tight, even ducking his head and protecting the ball with his chin. I want to go out and buy him a bin of balls! I am so glad that Asher is Asher, not a mini Ezra. The only forseeable problem with this...Ezra's toys never rolled away from him!

Things heard around our house recently:

Me: We are having lunch soon.
Ezra: No want lunch. Want 'nack. (somehow he realized that he gets less healthy choices for snacks- now he wants snacks instead of breakfast, lunch, and dinner!)

Me: No, Ezra, we don't pick our nose while we are cooking... (!!!!)

Me: Here is a cookie (or toy, or video, or anything where there is a choice)
Ezra: No. Want blue one. (color has nothing to do with it. Somehow, he has latched on to "blue", and everything that he wants is "the boo one". )

We are having fun, enjoying the snow today. Delton is running errands with Ezra, Asher is (correction...was) asleep, and I am taking advantage of the quiet. We leave for Georgia in a few weeks, so I am excited about preparing for that. Any advice on taking two young children on a car trip?

Some other milestones- Asher is having trouble sleeping because he has discovered that he can turn over onto his stomach, but hasn't figured out how to roll onto his back from the position. I keep finding him yelling, on his tummy, in the corner of his crib. I don't remember Ezra going through this- hopefully, this means that Asher will crawl!

Ezra counted to 3 this week~ He hasn't made it past two before. His counting was a bit deja vu-ish (1,2,1,2,1,2 ...didn't he just say that?). But this week he was jumping on our bed, counting, and he made it to three!!! I can't describe how exciting it is to watch your children grow and learn and discover- I know all you moms know what I am talking about. It makes you want to cry and laugh and pop your buttons for pride!! What a blessing our boys are!

Well, I have to get a kleenex and wipe my eyes, then go get Asher, who is upstairs talking... Goodbye.


Anonymous said...

Charity, Here it is almost a week later till I got this read! I sure love how you love your boys. You have a way of making me feel I was there with you. Wonderful choice of words! I am looking forward to Georgia with you again! CPC has become a family affair! Mom Leh

Anonymous said...


It was great meeting you and your boys last week! I just read through your blog while waiting for my nails to dry (I'm horrible about sitting still!) and it just reaffirms what a great family you have! You're such a sweet caring person, wife, and mother! I only hope that my family life can be just as happy when I finally get a baby of my own! Please keep in touch.