Thursday, October 16, 2008

Some Pictures

We went to my parent's home to celebrate my dad and sister's birthday- both of them on the 18th.
4 of the 6 grandchildren.
So good to be together.
No- he doesn't always eat like this- but I had to take a picture before I corrected him!
Asher- still cute as a button!

I am in a quiet house. The boys are sleeping. I am going to take some time to sit and read a book that has been life-giving to me- Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World. Here are some pictures that will give you a glimpse into life in the Lehman household.


Anonymous said...

Correct him?? For what?? Doesn't Delton eat that way? No, wait, we didn't let him do that either! Good job Charity! ::)))
Dad/Grandpa Lehman

Victory Family Counseling, LLC said...

Hey char! Love the pics! Hope all is well! Your boys are gorgeous!

Love Ezra's feet on the table - too cute!!

Victory Family Counseling, LLC said...

Last comment was me :)