Saturday, December 8, 2007


Delton is outside putting a ladder rack on his truck. Ezra is in bed (pray for him- he has a bad cough!), and I am facing a living room destroyed by toys and a kitchen filled with supper and cookie dishes. Thus the title to this blog. I didn't mean to stay on the computer so long, but one thing led to another and here I am writing a new blog.

We are going to my brother's wedding in January in CA. Does anyone have a maternity cocktail dress I could borrow? The invitation stated that dress is "cocktail attire". I would rather not buy a dress I will wear only once... Let me know if you have anything you think might work.

Whoops. I think I hear Delton coming inside. I better get busy!
(The picture was taken 12.24.04- an engagement picture. This year on 12.24.07, we will be having a sonogram of our second child. What a difference three years makes!)


Anonymous said...

And now you two will be four! How exciting! Mom Leh

Sabrina said...

What a great Christmas gift -a picture of your new baby. Sometimes I still can't believe that the two children in my house our mine! (on bad day's they're Jeremy's kids. :))