Thursday, August 30, 2007

The People You Meet

As I set my tray down on the table, an old man sat down across the table from me, put his hands on my tray, and said, "Thanks. I'm so hungry!". He looked up at me, smiled, stood up and walked away. I loved it. There was something great about that momentary contact with someone who was having fun living life.
This interaction with the man at McDonalds today got me thinking about the fun people I've met- people who are oblivious to the possible effect they may have on others. Our neighbor sat outside with Delton and I last evening. She talked for about 45 minutes- keeping us laughing as she simply talked about her life. Standing up to leave, she launched into another story, enthralling me with her hand motions, body movement, and expressive language. It was Terica doing what Terica did best- simply being herself.
Open people appeal to me, and, I think, to others, because they don't have the hang-ups most of us have. I think through my interactions, my words, my personality, as I go about my day. I stifle random thoughts because I think through the possible ramifications. I am safe- but I prefer to be around people that are a bit edgy!
What would it take for me to get edgy- for me to know that I am having fun with life, being who I know God created me to be, and letting others enjoy their unexpected encounters with me? I'll have to think about this.


Anonymous said...

Don't under-estimate yourself, girl. One of the sweetest encounters in my life was when you put a note of encouragement on my desk at work at the VERY right moment. Edgy?...maybe not. Extremely thoughtful and appreciated by another...definitely.

Anonymous said...

Interesting,thought provoking! Reflects are discussion at LifeGate yesterday - "How much do we limit the expression of our creativity by our fear pf what others may think or expect of us?"
Dad Lehman