Friday, November 24, 2006

Getting what we want from God

Ezra was crying himself to sleep today, something I have just started trying. His cries would be loud, then soft, then there would be silence. This was repeated in varying sequence. Ezra wanted to get up, and he was trying anything he could in order to get me to give him what he wanted.

I started thinking about how we act towards God at times. We know what we want, and try our own attempts at persuading God to give us what we want. Praying, fasting, worrying, devotions, holiness. God, give me what I think I need. God, the perfect Father, knows what we need. I don't believe that God is in Heaven, just waiting for us to push the right button. "Okay, Charity finally prayed enough, read the right scripture, and believed hard enough all day today...I'll release this blessing to her."

No- that is not how God operates. He knows what is best for us, and will give it to us in his time. Like Ezra, the best thing for us to do is simply rest.

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