Monday, December 1, 2008

Is there tuna in the pantry?

Ezra went to work with Delton Friday morning for a few hours. He had to take his tools with him!

I guess I forgot to say "Cheese"

Yes, we were tourists. I couldn't resist taking a picture of the bridge!

What a blur. Thanksgiving has come and gone, the weekend is over, and I am again able to focus on being a mom. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving, visiting several sides of the family and enjoying the great fellowship and food.

On Friday, we drove to my sister's home. We spent the evening, and then Delton, Asher and I left for Long Island, New York around 11:30 a.m. We left Ezra with my sister, thinking that playing with cousins all day would be more enjoyable for him than 6 hours of driving. We went to Long Island to see a college roommate I hadn't seen in 10 years. She was having a baby shower and invited us. It was crazy, but we decided to do it. It was a wonderful time. We saw the New York City skyline, crossed the George Washington bridge, paid a huge amount of tolls, drove in city traffic, and arrived with no problems! We were at the shower for 4 hours (Delton hung out with her husband and his friends, thankfully!), then turned around and came home. Did you hear about the person who was trampled at a Walmart store? That happened in Long Island- a few minutes away from where the shower was located.

Asher had cried for about 45 minutes on the way to my sister's house the night before. Needless to say, we were a bit tense about the drive to the shower. God is sooooo faithful! Asher made one whimper in 6 hours. Seriously. He whimpered, I fed him, and he was good to go. He fell asleep on the drive home and slept the entire time. It was such a peaceful time. We actually had much more trouble getting home from my sister's house last evening- we hit crazy traffic on 81 as everyone (including us) was returning from their long Thanksgiving weekend.

I went shopping with my mom and sisters over the weekend. As I was trying some clothes on in the dressing room, I heard a woman in the next stall say the comment that I used as the title. She was on the phone with someone. I had to smile- what a random comment to overhear! I came away with some fun clothes from Kohl's, a birthday gift from Delton. Thanks, D!

P.S. I got some picture frames from Kohl's for a steal- 1.99 and 2.99 for $20 and $30 frames. If you are looking for frames, that may be a place to look!

Hope you had a great time this Thanksgiving. It is fun to start anticipating Christmas.

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Sabrina said...

Sorry for the late comment. Thanks for sharing about your NY trip I wondered how it went. I'd love to go there some time. yeah, for Kohls! I love that place. Great title by the way. :)