Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Ezra sitting in the same chair I probably sat in as a child, in the same senior citizen center where we have had my dad's sides Thanksgiving for as long as I can remember
Ezra, Talon and Cale-cousins and second cousins getting acquainted.

This is for you, Andrea.

My three youngest sisters. What a beautiful trio.

This is what Thanksgiving has looked like for me- at least until I met Delton! Now, we get to celebrate in several different ways and with several different sides of the family.

Another wonderful Thanksgiving is over. Delton and I are home, the boys are in bed, and we are about the finish "Rudy", a movie I first watched years ago and recently found on

We went to the Lehman side for brunch this morning, my dad's side in Harrisburg for lunch, then to mom and dad Lehman and Grandma Sollenberger's for supper. I paced myself very well throughout the day, but at the end of the third meal, I was completely overstuffed. I was miserable!!!
We have so much to be thankful for. I came home and saw that there is an ongoing incident in Mumbai (Kenya?) where many people have been killed. It always make me feel shaky when things like this happen. I hurt for those involved. Somehow, the fact that it is not on U.S. soil makes it easier for me to process the fear- when it is something that happens here, then it could happen to me, and I have a harder time dealing with it. All that to say, we have so much to thank God for. Even beyond circumstances, He is Good!!

Blessings to you! Thanks for reading my blog.


Anonymous said...

thanks :) love u!

Anonymous said...

That definitely sounds like a lot of driving and eating. Hopefully you got to spend some good quality time with family in there somewhere. Most of my immediate family was at the beach so we went to Eric's parents. Marin ate so nicely and then threw everything up a few minutes later. Grrrr.