Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Home away from Home

I am staying with my parents for a week. I feel like a college student every time I say that. Who gets to go home as an adult and just be??? Delton and Ezra are in Georgia for a CPC convention. I am 3 1/2 weeks away from holding my little girl...so I came home for a week, me and Asher and Colson. Just in case.
Mom tells me to sit. Take it easy. I say moving is good for me, then I sit while she makes supper, bathes the boys, cleans up. I chat with my sisters as they come and go throughout the day. I get up early with the boys, and find the house already buzzing as an 18 blow-dries her hair for school, straightens it, bemoans her late night (how did we deal with sleepless nights before we were able to text everyone about it and post a midnight lament on facebook??) and rushes out the door...14 weeks until this chapter of her life closes. Sister#4 has already left, day 2 of a new job, a new adventure. Mom and dad are off to a meeting. I get to say hi and bye, then refrain from calling them when they are home later than expected. They don't check up on me anymore. I don't need to check up on them. :)
Asher was settled in bed at 8:30 tonight. He was scared at 8:45 p.m. and settled again. He is now playing with toys in the living room. We're all on vacation, right??

(Pictures from April 2011, found on mom and dad's computer)

It is good to be here, so nice to be home once again, with enough time to talk, with little enough to do so that it doesn't feel like a whirlwind visit. Blogging at 9 p.m., without worrying about a house I should be cleaning. Thinking about my day tomorrow, chatting with mom and visiting a scrapbook store and baby boutique...by myself, maybe. I am home. Mom is grandma now. I am also mom. I am home for a week, and life is good.

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