Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My time away...

This is where I stayed while in Iowa. It is the home of friends of my parents. We also stayed here when my brother, David, got married several years ago. It is quite nice!! :)

We had a family get together at the hotel where the wedding party stayed. Yeah, Krystal and Ryan!!

Krystal was married in a large church facility. The wedding was in the chapel- shown here- and the reception was in the larger sanctuary.

Ange and her girls ready for the wedding...

I snuck in a picture while the photographer was setting up a pose. They chose a great location for wedding photos!

Minutes before the wedding began...what a beautiful bride!!

The wedding...

Katelyn...isn't she beautiful!!

The father/daughter dance. :) My dad's tuxedo coat is lying on the ground behind him!!

My brother Daniel, wife Cynthia, and baby Jack the morning we all flew home.

It is Tuesday, and I am still adjusting to being home...recuperating physically, mentally trying to figure out when to jump back into school, dealing with a house that was clean when I got home but somehow isn't quite as picked up as it was Sunday night. I am tired, but so glad to be home. No regrets that my time away is over. It was a very good time- peaceful, when I expected hectic. It was so special to be there for Krystal, so special to see my younger sister married and starting out on this journey of marriage. It was nice to see my siblings and some friends from the past. All in all, a great time...but I am glad to be home!
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Ruth Showalter said...
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Ruth Showalter said...

Charity, Love the new look of your blog. I've taken a break from mine for Jan and intend to start up again soon. Glad to see you're thriving. Hope we can get together soon.
Aunt RuthE

Anonymous said...

Oh wow. Everyone looks like they are having such a fun time.

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