Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Weekend and Me

Katelyn and Andrea getting soaked at Rickett's Glen State Park.
My niece, Ara, was in the stream. She held her nose, preparing to go underwater, and sat down- unfortunately, she chose a shallow part, and hit bottom before she made it fully underwater. Mom saw it and had to laugh!!

Chilling at the house...

Brother-in-laws and cousins...

Cameo in a little tree house in the yard, the lake behind her. Delton took this through the screen in the house.
We spent the weekend with my parents, my sister and brother in law and their 4 children, and my three youngest sisters- Cameo, Katelyn and Andrea. A wonderful time. The lake had been sprayed the day we arrived due to a high level of ecoli in the water (!!!) so we couldn't get in it, but we hardly noticed. We spent Saturday at Rickett's Glen State Park hiking, swimming and boating. On Sunday we went to the lake house of a friend, located on a different lake, and swam. The kids did well, and we enjoyed ourselves.
Facebook had a list going around for a while- 25 Random Things About Me. I started a list, but never got it posted. I just found it this morning, so here is my random list...
1. I don't work well in chaos
2. I have a high tolerance for repetition (doesn't bother me when people get stuck singing the same line from a song over and over and over. Probably comes from blocking out the noise generated by a large family.)
3. I enjoy using nasal aspirators on the boys. :)
4. I enjoy preaching
5. I am terrified of heights
6. I was mad at my kichen mats. I'm over it now- they are in a land fill.
7. If I would let myself, I could be an ambulance chaser- I want to know what it going on!! And yes, I do peer through the blinds (or worse, stand on the porch) when there is something going on in my neighborhood.
8. I enjoy reality tv shows- two in particular - High School Musical 3: Get in the Picture, and The Biggest Loser. They were my ironing shows!
9. I read every book on the Mafia when I was in 10th grade. ??
10 I enjoy sprinkling movie quotes in when I am talking.
"I would have muddled the whole thing!"
"Don't rush me; I'm cruising the merchandise, Mr. Weazel!"
"You see! You see what I have to put up with!!"
And my sisters could add a million more to that list. Any idea what movies the quotes came from?
11. I tend to kill plants through intentional neglect. (Case in point- the one right beside me!)
12. I love rainy days.
13. I have a high tolerance for repetition. :)
So, there I am in a very small nutshell. I am going to get busy so I don't get grumpy...

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And now I know a little more about you :-) Mom Leh