Wednesday, February 7, 2007

What to have for dinner???

I had a good evening yesterday. Delton went snowboarding with a friend, Ezra went to bed @ 6:48 p.m., and I had a new magazine and Rocky Road icecream. :) It has been so long since I have had a "me" evening. I sat on the couch with a blanket and did nothing all evening, enjoying the quiet and peace. Time like that are rejuvenating for me.
I am learning how to cook...I know how to cook, but I have struggled with knowing how to figure out what to have for meals. I end up with basic meat, potatoes and a vegetable. I found a bunch of recipes I like from a magazine I am really enjoying, Real Simple, and made a schedule of when to have which meal. Yesterday I went grocery shopping for the ingredients, and I am set for the next two weeks. I only planned about 3 or 4 "menus" per week, because things come up, but it is fun to know that I will be making some fun, new dinners. Does anyone have any tips for how they deal with "what to have for supper?"
Ezra is doing much better. He has a cough, but the worst is over. I gave him a bottle (of water) for the first time today, trying to get him ready for next Friday evening when Delton and I are attending a Sweetheart Banquet and my sisters will be watching him. Ezra loved playing with the bottle. I don't know how much water he got out of it, but it is a start! I want to try pumping so that he can have breastmilk while we are gone. It will be the first time someone else will be putting him to bed! Thankfully, he will be on the same property as the banquet, so I can run over and check on him if I need to.
My parents are coming in to PA on Saturday, and on Sunday they and two of my younger sisters will be coming to church, along with my older sister and her family. Delton is preaching, so I invited them all. Looking forward to Sunday has made this week feel like it is going by slowly.
I should probably get some work done while Ezra is sleeping...Adios.


Anonymous said...

I'm right there with ya, girl - I enjoy cooking dinner under one condition only...I have it planned ahead of time. I plan my menus (usually 4-5 per week) by selecting meals from a stash of tried-and-true recipes that I've found over the years. I try to mix it up and use a beef recipe one night, chicken the next, pork, fish and so on. I've found several recipes that I like using reynolds wrap packets. Check out their website at The recipes are super simple, relatively healthy, quick clean-up and EASY!!!
So glad to hear Ezra (and you) are feeling better! I'll say a prayer for Delton this week.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the ideas. I'll have to check that website out. Charity

Anonymous said...

What a delightful picture of Ezra!
Let us know how your two week meal and shopping worked for you. It sounds like a great plan to me! Trying new recipes adds some excitement to it. Mom Leh