Thursday, December 7, 2006

Through God's Eyes

These thoughts have been chasing themselves through my mind for some time now. As I was reading a book today, the questions were again piqued and I had to try to wrestle with them.
I have dealt with- and still deal with- comparison. I judge myself to be better than some in certain areas and less than others in other ways. My skills are not flowery or obvious. I look at those with creative genius, whether from birth or through practice, with envy. I see how we are the product of our upbringing in many ways, that shapes who we are and what we feel we have to offer others.
In God's plan, however, I am beginning to see that he sees differently than I do. He creates us, and places us in a family. Some families nurture, some do not. Some emphasize creative gifts or academics, others do not. Some families pass on inheritances, leaving their children well-to-do, other families struggle day to day. The result of our upbringing molds us, but it does not effect who we are in the sight of God.
I can't lead a congregation in worship, but God is delighted in me. I can't sew, can't draw, can't sing, but I am perfect in my Father's eyes. God's measuring stick differs so greatly from mine. Who I am in this world is not dependent on the abilities I have or don't have. The worth of others is not measured by their abilities, net worth, or personal charisma. We are a people created for God, for His glory. As I move in freedom, content in who God made me, I am fulfilling my purpose. That is all He asks me to do- simply be who I was created to be!


Sabrina said...

Amen sister! I struggle with the same things. Thank you for the great reminder!

Anonymous said...

You express yourself so well, Charity. I too struggle with the same feelings. The Bible says that everyone has a gift but I'm starting to think that I got skipped over. Of course, I know that's not true but I'm praying that God reveals it to me soon.
BTW, I'm really impressed that you're taking care of Ezra, blogging AND reading to boot!

Anonymous said...

Charity, good thoughts. I think we are all held captive by camparisons. It is a good reminder to embrace the Lord and His truth. When the focus gets off of me and onto Him I am able to see the broad blessings life holds. Angel