Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Getting things accomplished

I started to write about how much I have been getting done the last few days...only to have the boys start fighting. Then they stopped fighting. There is a quiet tension in the air. Screams now. I am writing with one part of my brain, trying to head off confrontation with the other.
A truce of some sorts...
My baby!
 Colson in the park
 One year old!! Yeah, Colson!

 Grandpa Lehman at Renfrew to celebrate Colson's birthday and listen to the Navy Cruiser Band
 Grandma Lehman
Box day! Our school curriculum arrives!

My parents on the 4th of July

Both yesterday and today, I have been able to accomplish household tasks, allowing me to feel like my house is at rest, rather than desperately out of order. I can't understand why...I find it interesting (and frustrating) that schedules change, children change, sleep routines change, so that what worked one week, one month, no longer works. Colson still takes a morning nap, and the boys are beginning to play independently quite well (forget the first part of this post). So, I am able to clean.
But, tomorrow, Colson may stop his morning nap, the boys may be sick and fussy, and I may be over-tired. But for today, there is peace in my home and in my spirit. I belive there are other factors involved in that peace, but that is a subject for another time.
The boys and I had an Art lesson this morning, critiquing fine art. :) We went through a book called "Come Look With Me- Enjoying Art with Children". We had so much fun looking at a few great works of art and deciding whether we liked them or not, what we saw in the picture, and other simple observations. This kind of "school" seems to work well for both Ezra and Asher.
"We're waiting. We're waiting. We're waiting." Ezra is sitting beside me, reminding me that my mommy duties are being called on. Not necessarily to do anything, but simply to be available.
Have a great day!

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