Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day Joy

Here are some fun photos of the past week...
Brotherly affection...

It seems like Asher is realizing that he has a little brother. Sometimes this means he exerts his size to his advantage...look, I'm bigger than somebody!!

Asher's creativity and coloring has really started to take off. Do you see how many of the letter "A" he drew on that yellow piece of paper? I think there are about 22!

Introducing the boys to Mary Martin's Peter Pan. They were intrigued. Ezra, do Indians always act like that? The movie's presentation of Indians is a bit, shall we say, overly stereotypical.

Colson can move, and boy does that make him happy. My clean dishes end up on the floor. The dirty ones go in his mouth.

Father's Day afternoon. What is Father's Day without a fight between knights?

Wait...two against one! That isn't fair!

Asher is sooo delighted!

Sticks in motion...and no one got hurt!!

My brave men, Father's Day 2011

My husband, the best father to our boys!! Love you, Delton!!
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