Thursday, April 2, 2009 every day!

I made cookies this morning. Sometimes I wonder why I choose to do something that makes a mess and is so time consuming but...
some people think it is worth it!!!

The boys played while I finished up the cookies. I had decided to get out the next age and season of clothing for each boy yesterday. So, I had cookies going in the kitchen this morning, bins and piles of clothing throughout the house, and our landlords doing work in every room of the house for several hours. Smile.
"I love you, mom!"

He looks so grown up in this shot...

and so eccentric in this shot!

Naptime + work being done in his bedtime = a tired little boy


Anonymous said...

char these are amazng i love them. You do a great job!! Mom

Jolinda said...

Your boys are so dear!
If I'm going to feed my kids cookies, then I want them to be homemade rather than from the store with all the preservatives. You're such a good mommy.

Anonymous said...

You sure hid the mess on the picture! and they are worth it!
Mom Leh