Friday, March 27, 2009

Time Away and Time Flying

The flash got to him~ What a nut!

for his modeling portfolio... :-)

brothers, brothers...there were never such devoted brothers (White Christmas, anyone?)

Another favorite Asher shot.
We returned today from a busy time away. We took Ezra to my sister's house yesterday, then Delton, Asher and I headed to Lewisburg for a Cen-Pe-Co meeting. It was nice to just focus on Asher. Delton had a great time at the meetings. I enjoyed the peace and quiet of being in a hotel room, having nothing pressing to do while Asher napped. I even took a nap this morning! It was so nice to pick up Ezra and hear how his time went! He had a blast!
On the way home, Delton and I were talking about how to get across to Ezra that Jesus is the reason for Christmas. To backtrack a bit, we made the mistake of showing Ezra "Polar Express" on Christmas Eve. Since then, Ezra has continued to remind us that Santa brings presents! We must have mentioned gifts/presents in the car ride today, because Ezra once again brought up Santa! Thus the conversation as to the meaning of Christmas. As Delton and I talked, Ezra piped up again from the back seat. "Jesus rose 'gain. Jesus rose 'gain". Perhaps the theology is a bit off (Jesus rose, He is coming again...) but somehow he caught hold of a part of the Easter story. He is learning and growing almost daily, it seems.
I added some pictures- mostly of Asher, because I've caught some cute moments recently. He is 11 months old today. Can't believe it.
Can't get much cuter than that in this mom's biased eyes!


Anonymous said...

I have no problem agreeing with you! :-) I love the "brother" shot of your two! We sure enjoyed having you all along at Lewisburg! --Mom Leh

Jolinda said...

Your boys are dear!
Isn't it great to hear them start to talk about our faith? Marin is enjoying 'acting out' Bible stories. Sometimes she gets her stories mixed up and wants to send the innkeeper to the lions den. Oh well, at least she's interested.

Sabrina said...

I love the first picture you posted of Asher!!! I cannot believe he is 11 months already! We are really enjoying having "real" conversations with Isaiah too. I'm always amazed at how much kids pick up even at this age. You're a grea mom, Charity! P.S. We missed you on Thursday