Sunday, September 7, 2008

Walk Like a...Duck?

We have discovered that Asher likes to be soothed with an up and down motion rather than side to side. So, instead of standing still and gently rocking him back and forth (a very normal-looking position), I get to walk through my house looking like a duck. Or looking like a girl in my high school- but that's another story.

So- last week I was settling Asher, walking circles around the house, up and down, up and down. Step, dip, Step, dip (try it!). Ezra leaves his playing and falls in step behind me. I look back, and find my son copying my steps. Up and down, up and down. It's enough to make a mom laugh out loud. But I can't. I'm putting my son to sleep. Must be quiet. Must continue the duck walk.


Sabrina said...

That is too funny! Whatever works. Great pictures.

Anonymous said...

What we won't do for our kids! I love your ability to describe your life! Mom Leh

Ruth Showalter said...

Yes, I sure have been there done that! We said our kids required half away between floor and ceiling and up and down motion - no sitting for mom. Too cute, EZra following you. RuthE