Monday, November 12, 2007

New baby and Ezra

I am 13 weeks along in my pregnancy. Last Thursday I was able to hear the heartbeat again at a dr appointment- 165 beats/minute. Is that fast? Does that mean it is a boy or a girl? :)

I am so excited about the upcoming holiday season. What fun! I think just having Ezra makes the holidays more fun- having him meet people, creating memories, seeing his enjoyment of the decorations and events. Last year he was only 3 months old at Thanksgiving. I was too worried about his sleep and how I was going to nurse him discreetly to really enjoy the day. This year, I'll just let him run- he'll be happy! We have the Lehman get-together Thanksgiving morning, then my dad's family get-together in Harrisburg at 1 p.m. Often, we go over to Grandma Sollenbergers in the evening. So it will be a full day! Christmas will be more laid back- thankfully! I want to stay in my pajamas all day if I want to, drink coffee, and open presents- hopefully with a few feet of snow covering the ground outside- with Christmas music playing, of course!

After the holidays, we are flying out west for my brother's wedding, then attending a cen-pe-co convention in Georgia. This will take us up to mid-February- then only three more month til B-day (Baby Day!!!). I hope the time goes by quickly. I can't wait to hold another little one.

Enjoy your holiday preparations!


Anonymous said...

What a riot this little guy is!! I never saw a fire hydrant used for this - whatever he is trying! Charity you are taking on the role of Motherhood with such zest! You are blessing to others in the process! Love Ya Mom Leh

Anonymous said...

(P.S.) ...and is he trying to frame himself?!!! Well this is the first year - he has only just begun:-) Mom Leh

Sabrina said...

Great pictures! I'm really looking forward to the holidays too. Children add so much to life! See you Wed. and Thursday next week!

P.S. Isaiah's heartbeat was in the 160's at first, but got much slower by the end of the pregnancy. I think Nathan's was pretty much high the whole time. They tell me high is girl -go figure!