Monday, October 29, 2007

MTeC, Holloween, and other events

The weather has finally gotten cold. I haven't minded the warm weather, though. Yesterday was MTeC, and I was not prepared for how cold it was!! It was beautiful weather for the racers, which was the most important thing! Delton and his team members did great. We haven't received the final stats yet, but they placed around 11th out of 32 teams. No too shabby!

We handed out candy to the neighborhood kids on Thursday evening. I hadn't thought about the scary masks some of the kids would be wearing. Ezra did not like them! It wasn't something I wanted him to be exposed to! It was enjoyable to be outside with everyone on our street. We had a lot of candy, and still ran our before Trick-or-Treating was over. Oh well!

Ezra wanted to help daddy do dishes the other evening. Delton pulled up a chair, and Ezra was in heaven. It was so much fun to watch. I am sure Ezra won't find quite the same level of enjoyment in dishes when he is around 10 years old!!

Ezra has been exibiting some independent behavior (a.k.a. tantrums). I could use some advice from other moms as to how to handle this. He is 14 months old.


Anonymous said...

I love the dishes picture - too cute.
Not much advice here about the 'independent behavior'. Marin is going through the same thing and it's extremely frustrating. It's like I have a whole different child than I did a few months ago! I've heard that consistency is the key but it's harder than I expected. There are just some circumstances where giving in is easier. Sabrina has been giving time-outs in a highchair and I think I'm going to try it.
You're a wonderful mom so when you find out what works - let me know!

Charity said...

In this past week of dealing with the behavior, I have found a few things that have helped. First- you are right- consistency! The first day especially, I had a "no tolerance policy". I called Ezra on everything he did that he knew he wasn't supposed to! That day was crazy! However, since then he has done so much better. It was like he was testing my authority! I also found that a lack of sleep will derail any attempt to have a peaceful day. Ezra was tired monday and again today- both days when he pushed boundaries like crazy and cried at everything. His sleeping patterns have changed, so I am trying to figure out what needs to change to get him back to sleeping well at night. I also found that focused attention on Ezra helps immensely. This is something I noticed in the past, but has become even more crucial in the past few days and weeks. When I am distracted, Ezra gets fussy and does whatever he wants! When I get down on the floor and play with him, I have Ezra back! Forget the ironing and sweeping, sometimes I just have to play!

Anonymous said...

I love reading your updates and looking at the pictures you post. Thanks for taking time to update this even though I don't always comment, I still read religiously! :)

Anonymous said...

I sure am proud of my son! You men look great at the sink! :-)

Charity, You are doing a wonderful job with Ezra and his challenging your authority - consistant boundaries and lots of love are the best things you can do. I pray for endurance for you! Mom leh

Anonymous said...

Good for people to know.