Monday, June 25, 2007

A Crazy Life

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind. My parents and three youngest sisters came in two weeks ago. My parents left my sisters here and left for a conference in N.C. for a week. Delton, Ezra and I, along with my sisters, moved in to Daryl and Rhoda's house for the week (they were in Canada). For a week I got to reconnect with Cameo, Katelyn, and Andrea. We went swimming, shopping, played innumerable games of rummy, scrapbooked, went out to Applebee's (girls night out!), and had a great time. Ezra got to know his aunts, and they were able to experience the gift of Ezra!

Ezra has taken several steps on his own over this past weekend. I saw his steps for the first time on Sunday in the nursery. He took two steps towards me. He is a little over ten months. It is hard to believe my baby is so close to walking unassisted.
I look forward to life slowing down. My sisters got me inspired to scrapbook again, so I look forward to taking time for creativity.
My family is leaving tomorrow morning. I will miss them.


Anonymous said...

Charity, I returned to a cleaner house then when I left! Your family is so wonderful in many ways. It was a treat to touch base with them on Monday eve. You got some wonderful shots to scrapbook! Mom Leh

Anonymous said...

I loved seeing all your new pictures. I especially liked the one where Ezra had picked out his own outfit. :) Boys! I have wanted to get into scrapbooking for the past year, but can't seem to get serious about it. Atleast I get my photos into albums. I'm doing good! :) Anyways, miss you guys!