Thursday, May 3, 2007

Precious Moments

There are some things that I do in my every day routine that are special- they remind me that I have a son, who is such a blessing. After Ezra is down for a nap, I clean up the toys we had been playing with- a simple act, but satisfying nonetheless. I didn't do that before I had Ezra. Another "precious moment" is when Delton and I check on Ezra before we go to bed each night. Delton will often whisper, "Char- that's our son!" Amazing, even after nine months. Ezra is close to nine months, and I am really enjoying this stage.


Anonymous said...

That's funny because Eric and I always peek in on Marin before we go to bed. I identify with Delton and the overwhelming feeling of love and still a bit of surprise that we actually have a child!

Anonymous said...

I saw you from a distance at the Shalom Dutchfest, Jolinda. I hoped to run into you before we left, but that didn't happen! Hopefully, a walk with you and Sabrina will work soon!